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Humble Ben Van Meter

Greetings. You have stumbled onto the website of Humble Ben Van Meter who had his 15 minutes of fame in San Francisco during the legendary sixties as a creator of undeground, experimental art films and lightshows which he and other artists put on at the early Fillmore Auditorium, the Avalon Ballroom and later in other venues. The films he made during the time were projected as part of the light show as well as a library of about 3000 slides. Many of these were Ben's original photographs and collages. This site is under reconstruction for the coming 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love in 2017 so check back next February to view the full extravaganze.

Currently I am offering for purchase

a DVD of some of my most psychedellic films, Rebirth Of A Nation, for sale for $50. per copy with autograph shipping included.

Remastered dvd includes a spoken introduction to each film by H. Ben himself as well liner notes.



The films included are:

Bolex Peyote Bardo

Up Tight, L.A. is Burning...Shit

S.F. Trips Festival, An Opening

Me & Bruce & Art


Acid Mantra



Payment may be made through Paypal to

For answers to questions about the films or the purpose of life contact Humble Ben at: