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Greetings. You have stumbled onto the website of Humble Ben Van Meter who had his 15 minutes of fame in San Francisco during the legendary sixties as a creator of undeground, experimental art films and lightshows which he and other artists put on at the early Fillmore Auditorium, the Avalon Ballroom and later in other venues. The films I made during the time were projected as part of the light show as well as a library of about 3000 slides. Many of these were my original photographs and collages. My films and slides are currently being featured in San Francisco at the de Young Museum's 2017 Summer of Love 50th Anniversary exhibit from April 15th to August 20th. Much of my sixties work is being displayed as part of the de Young museum's Summer of Love 50th Anniversary exhibition. There will be a screening of some of my films in the museum's auditorium on May 18th.

I am running currently running a Kickstarte campaign to raise funds for the printing of my Limited Edition book,

Rebirth of A Nation, A Summer of Love Tribute.

The book includes over 170 color images from the Library of the North American Ibis Alchemical Company. I have also written ten chapters of memoirs about my life and significant events in San Francisco during 1965 through 1967 including the Summer of Love, 1967, Additionally a sixties scholar and collector has written about the North American Ibis and interviewed the three other surviving Ibis artists. A foreword is being written by Julian Cox, Head Curator of the de Young museum. The premise of the book is that "It wasn't just about sex, drugs and rick & roll."

Rewards for Kickstarter sponsorships range from $10 to $3000 and included my buttons, posters, individual pigment ink photo prints, copies of the book itself, 2 dvds of of my films and 4 - 48 print albums of my favorite photos.

The campaign ends on September 1, 2017. Here is the link to check it out:

Rebirth of A Nation Summer of Love Tribute Book



I am offering 26 posters. Only a few are pictured here. All posters are signed on the back by Ben Van Meter and offered for a $30 sponsorship.

The first is this 16" x 20" poster done in the style of a Tibetan Thanka

commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Summer of Love. It uses about 75 images from the Ibis slide Library.

Poster # 1




Poster #10 Electric Albert 18" x 24"

Poster #10



Poster #7 Jerry Garcia & Bob Weir at the Trips Festival 16" x 20"


Poster #6 Phil Lesh at the Trips Festival 16" x 20"

Poster #6


Poster #11 Graffiti in Golden Gate Park 1967 16" x 20"

Poster #11

16" x 20" Poster #9 The Human Be In

This is a shot of the Be In I took from the bandstand of the crowd with shots of Leary, Ginsberg and Frelinghetti hovering in the sky.

Poster # 9


I am offering a DVD of six of my most psychedellic films, Rebirth Of A Nation, for a $40. sponsorship.

Remastered dvd includes a spoken introduction to each film by H. Ben himself as well as liner notes.

There is also a de Young Edition with a slightly different play list including the three pieces I made on commission for the museum.

My Kickstarter campaign goes live on May 21st. Until then you can follow the progress as I develop the page and leave me a helpful comment if you like. The link is:

Kickstarter Campaign Preview




For more information email Humble Ben